Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0

The CPAP Pillow by Contour simplifies therapy for patients and practitioners. Over 90% of CPAP patients complain about mask issues. The CPAP Pillow is designed to accommodate any brand mask to help reduce shifting and air leaks. It also minimizes facial pressure, sores and bruising where the mask seal comes into contact with the skin.The CPAP Pillow has helped thousands of patients all over the world sleep more comfortably and in compliance with their therapy program.

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Features and Benefits:

• Patented hollow areas alleviate mask pressure, improve comfort and help prevent mask leaks.

• Dual cutout design accommodates the mask, allowing comfortable left or right side sleeping without compromising CPAP compliance.

• Contoured shape supports the head and neck and aligns the spine the way nature intended.

• High quality medical grade foam is cushiony, yet holds its shape to prevent edge collapse, maintaining the hollowed-out mask area.

• Overall design helps CPAP users attain a comfortable, restorative rest, night after night.