What You Need to Know About Medication Dispensers

What You Need to Know About Medication Dispensers How can a medication dispenser help you? Even though these small plastic packs may seem simple, day or date-labeled dispensers can have a major impact on your health. Take a look at what you should know about medication dispensers and the top reasons why you may need this device.

What Is a Medication Dispenser?

Even though the name may make it sound like this device gives you a medication, it’s more of an organizational tool than something that dispenses pills. Medication dispensers are available in an array of sizes, colors, and styles and may include:

  • Small or large designs. A smaller dispenser design could include seven vertical columns with two or more horizontal rows. The columns represent the days of the week, while the rows help you to organize medications by time of day (morning, nighttime, or other use).
  • Individual compartments. Each day and time-of-day will have its own compartment. This allows you to keep pills you take at the same time together.
  • Removable columns. Some dispensers come with removable vertical columns. This feature gives you the option to take one day’s worth of medications with you and leave the rest of the week’s pills at home.
  • Clear windows. Clear windows or dispenser doors make it easy to see which pills (and how many) are in each compartment.

Now that you know what a medication dispenser is, take the next step and learn more about how this healthcare device can help you.

Why Buy a Medication Dispenser?

This healthcare device is an organizational tool that people of all ages, abilities, and medical needs can use easily. If you take more than one medication, you may need a dispenser. The top reasons to choose this device for your daily medication use include:

  • Reduce medication errors. Do you have concerns about taking the wrong pill at the wrong time of day, missing a dose, or accidentally doubling up on a medication? The organizational aspect of a dispenser reduces the risks of preventable medication administration errors.
  • Organize medications onthe-go. A dispenser with removable columns makes it easy to organize your medications when you’re not home. Remove the column, take it with you, and feel confident in your ability to keep your daily pills straight.
  • Easily see when you need a refill. The day/date and time setup of a medication dispenser makes it easy to see what you do and don’t have. If the number of pills in your at-home stockpile won’t fill the entire weekly dispenser, you need a refill.
  • Distinguish one pill from another. Do two or more of your pills look similar? A pillbox makes it easy to sort and distinguish one medication from its twin.

Along with these benefits, a medication dispenser can reduce the risks of mobility-related mishaps. The box’s flap-style doors are often easier to open than the pharmacy’s pill bottles — especially if the medication comes in a childproof or safety container.

How Should You Choose a Medication Dispenser?

With more than one type of pillbox available, how can you choose the right dispenser for your needs? To select the best option, consider:

  • The size. Do you want to organize seven days of pills or do you prefer a full-month option? The more medications you want to organize, the larger dispenser you need.
  • Removable compartments. Again, some pillboxes come with removable columns. Choose this option if you need to take medications to work, out for a meal, or anywhere else.
  • The number of pills per day. How many times per day do you need to take your pills? If you need to take pills multiple times a day, you need a dispenser with additional compartments.

Other pre-purchase factors to think about include the size of the lettering and added identifiers, such as color-coded days or Braille.

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