Your Guide to Using a Sitz Bath

Relief from pain and inflammation in your nether regions can be difficult to come by. Many people swear that a sitz bath is one of the most reliable ways to begin the healing process for pain and inflammation.

If you have never heard of a sitz bath, then you may be wondering what one is and how it can soothe and comfort your soreness. Learn more about the unique qualities of a sitz bath so that you will be able to implement these treatments into your healthcare routine over time.

What Is a Sitz Bath?

To appreciate the value a sitz bath can offer, you must know what a sitz bath is. A sitz bath is essentially a small pool of water in which you submerge your hips and bottom.

Specialized basins can be purchased from home healthcare supply stores to facilitate a sitz bath. These basins are designed to fit directly over your toilet bowl, which provides you with a comfortable and accessible soaking location.

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The basin can be filled with either warm or cold water. Many people prefer a warm sitz bath because the heat helps to stimulate blood flow to inflamed areas to promote healing. Cold water is also acceptable if you find that the lower temperature is more soothing for any burning or itching that you may be experiencing.

Invest in a specialized soaking basin so that you can begin discovering the many ways that you can use a sitz bath to find relief.

When Should a Sitz Bath Be Used?

The beauty of a sitz bath is that it can be used as a remedy for a wide range of ailments. Doctors commonly suggest that patients with hemorrhoids take a sitz bath daily to help ease the inflammation of the veins near the anus. A sitz bath can also be effective in providing relief from constipation and yeast infections.

Mothers who have just given birth can also benefit from a sitz bath. Although postpartum baths are not recommended, the minimal water level in a sitz bath poses no real health risks. Many women find that regular postpartum sitz baths can relieve pain and help promote faster healing in the weeks following the birth of a child.

Other conditions that can be helped by a sitz bath include anal fissures and prostatitis. A good rule to remember is that a sitz bath can help you find relief from pain and inflammation that occurs in the vaginal and anal regions.

What Is in a Sitz Bath?

Check with your doctor before you prepare a sitz bath to determine which ingredients will be most helpful. Some people will be advised to stay away from any cleansers or scented soaks when taking a sitz bath to prevent a possible infection. These individuals can experience relief by soaking in warm water alone.

The most common ingredients that are added to a sitz bath include Epsom salts and witch hazel. Epsom salts break down and release both magnesium and sulfate ions when submerged in water. Exposure to these ions can help soothe aches and relax tired muscles.

Witch hazel can also be a very therapeutic addition to your sitz bath. Witch hazel contains compounds known as tannins. When your body is exposed to tannins, these compounds can help repair broken skin, fight off bacteria, and reduce inflammation.

Other helpful ingredients that you may want to incorporate into your sitz bath include essential oils and medicinal herbs. Visit Corner Home Medical for help finding the right specialized sitz basin for your home. We have a wide variety of medical supplies for you to choose from.