Medical Equipment Supply for Otsego, MN

If you are a resident of Otsego, MN, and are in need of medical supplies, look no further. Corner Home Medical is your one-stop-shop for medical devices and supplies of all kinds. Read on to learn more about the products that we offer.

Our Products

Our medical equipment supply boasts 19 product categories, and most of these categories have multiple subcategories, so you will be able to find the medical equipment that you need to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Although we specialize in sleep apnea and respiratory equipment, we offer a wide variety of medical supplies. From scooters to hand sanitizer, we have a large selection of medical items to suit many needs. Some of our other product categories include:

  • CPAP masks
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Specialty beds
  • Stair lifts
  • Walking aids
  • Wheelchairs

To view our full list of product categories, you can visit our products page.

Our Team

The team at Corner Home Medical focuses its attention on building a relationship with its customers. We understand that times are difficult for you or your family member, and we appreciate you putting your trust in us to supply you with high-quality medical equipment. We aim to help you regain your independence with our products.

For more information, contact Corner Home Medical by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 866-535-5335.