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The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) advises that older adults as well as people who have serious underlying medical conditions like Heart disease, Diabetes and Lung disease are at a higher risk for severe illness related to COVID-19!

Corner Home Medical has a program which allows patients at low to medium risk to self-monitor their condition through online surveys and measurements, while letting our Respiratory Therapists monitor and assess daily.


Proactively connect with Respiratory Therapists from the comforts of home about COVID-19 related and ongoing concerns.
May experience reduced stress and anxiety.
Access to support and education content on risk factors and symptom management of COVID-19.

Patients receive a daily survey so our Respiratory Therapists can track potential disease onset and progression and intervene.
Educational videos about COVID-19 related to staying safe, managing COVID-19 and living with COVID-19.
Patients are prompted to submit scheduled temperature and blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) to help detect and intervene.

linklogo - Corner@Home    For more information or to enroll please call direct to our Respiratory Therapy Department 763-540-6399