Corner Home Medical is the ideal home medical equipment store for Sauk Rapids, MN. For years we have served communities in Minnesota, northern Iowa, western Wisconsin, and the eastern Dakotas. We offer a wide variety of medical equipment so that you can provide or receive the home healthcare necessary for good health.

We Deliver Medical Equipment

We strive to simplify your process of buying medical equipment for your home, and all of our services work toward that end. Our goal is to help you find all of the equipment that you need, which is why we provide pickup and delivery services for many of our home medical equipment items anywhere within 30 miles of one of our 11 locations. Delivery/pickup fees may be charged.
Sauk Rapids, MN, is less than 5 miles from our St. Cloud, MN, location, and well within our pickup and delivery radius. This close proximity also helps us provide you with 24-hour emergency service to meet your home medical equipment needs whenever they occur.


Our team also understands that your medical products and equipment may need service, which is why we offer replacement and rental equipment for you when your products are being repaired. We know that you can’t be without your home medical equipment without serious consequences, so we provide means for you to always have the products you need.

Call our St. Cloud, MN, office at 320-257-6185 to buy medical equipment for your Sauk Rapids, MN, home.