4 Things to Know About Seat Lift Chairs

Happy Old Couple Smiling If you have trouble getting into or out of a chair, you may want to consider a seat lift chair. This type of chair looks a lot like a typical recliner. However, a seat lift chair is not your average piece of furniture. Instead, lift chairs are medical equipment.

The primary difference between a lift chair and a regular chair is that the lift chair contains a lift system that helps a person go from a sitting to standing position. If you think you might benefit from having a seat lift chair, discover four things you should know about them.

1. Know Who Should Get a Seat Lift Chair

Anyone who has trouble going from a sitting to a standing position due to limited mobility, old age, or a medical condition, should think about purchasing a seat lift chair. Not only does this type of chair make it easier to transfer from sitting to standing, seat lift chairs provide a comfortable place to sit.

One more important factor to consider is safety. Those who have a hard time sitting or standing can easily injure themselves or lose their balance and fall when getting into or out of a chair. A seat lift chair helps prevent these types of accidents from happening.

2. Know About the Different Types and Options of Seat Lift Chairs

Seat lift chairs come in three different types. These include:

  • Two-position chair. This chair reclines slightly at a 45-degree angle.
  • Three-position chair. This chair reclines far enough back to sleep comfortably but does not lie completely horizontal.
  • Infinite-position chair. This chair reclines into a flat position with the back and feet moving independently of one another.

Besides the different types of seat lift chair, you can also choose several options. Some of these options include heat and massage, programmable controls, extra storage space, and tray tables. Seat lift chairs are also available in a variety of sizes. If you have a smaller space, you can get a more compact chair.

Fabric choice is another thing to consider. If you eat or drink in your chair, you will want to choose a fabric that doesn’t easily stain. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your chair, you want a material that provides good airflow. Heavy-duty lift chairs exist that support several hundred pounds.

Besides the aesthetics that you need to consider, lift chairs are designed to elevate your feet and help with medical issues such as lymphedema, post-surgical or chronic edema, and diabetes/wound care. Also, lift chairs can help with a faster recovery and rehabilitation from many medical procedures, as well as alleviate pressure on the lungs to minimize acid reflux, sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, and chronic constructive coronary disease. Two models of chairs from Golden with Twilight technology, the Orion and the MaxiComfort Cloud, tout these benefits and Corner Home Medical has these products.

You will need to choose the type of chair and the features that best suits your needs. Do you need a comfortable place to sit for several hours a day? Will you sleep in your chair? How much space do you have for the chair? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before buying a seat lift chair.

3. Know the Cost of Seat Lift Chairs

A variety of factors affect the price of a seat lift chair. The type of chair, size, manufacturer, and material all play a part in determining the cost. Some seat lift chairs cost hundreds of dollars, while others are in the thousands.

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t pay for seat lift chairs. If you have a qualifying condition, you may be able to cover the cost of the lift mechanism. In most cases, reimbursement for the lift mechanism is around $300.

4. Know Where to Buy a Seat Lift Chair

A medical equipment provider can help you find a durable, cost-effective chair that suits your budget and your needs.

If you live in the Twin Cities or the surrounding area, contact Corner Home Medical. We have several types of seat lift chairs available in a wide range of prices. We will help you find the perfect seat lift chair that meets all of your needs.