Benefits of Storing Breast Milk in Bottles

Woman Kissing Baby — St. Paul, MN — Corner Home Medical Many mothers pump their breast milk to provide for their babies. However, many mothers store their breast milk to either chill or save surplus milk. One option in storing breast milk is in bottles. Why is this option a good choice for you? Discover some key benefits of storing your breast milk in bottles.

1. They’re See-Through

Most plastic bottles are transparent, which means that you can easily tell how much milk is in each bottle. You can clearly fill each bottle quickly and easily before storing them and know what bottles are ready to use when you need to feed your baby. With the transparency of the bottle, you can see what the color of the milk is for best use:

  • Yellow-, orange- or blue-tinted breast milk is often fresh milk from within the last couple of days.
  • White breast milk, especially thicker and smoother milk, is transitioning.
  • Green, pink, orange, red, brown, or black milk is due to what your diet is.
  • Mature milk is usually white, yellow, or blue and ready for your baby to drink.

You might be alarmed when you first see different colors in your breast milk, but most of them are perfectly normal. The only colors you should be concerned about is consistent black milk or milk with blood. These might necessitate a trip to the doctor.

The see-through bottle helps you understand the nature of your breast milk and the right timing for your baby to drink a specific bottle of breast milk.

2. They’re Storable for a Long Time

Want to store your breast milk for a long time? This is entirely possible. After putting breast milk in appropriate and BPA-free bottles, you can store them short-term in the refrigerator or long-term in the freezer. Freshly pumped breast milk can last up to a year in a freezer or up to four days in the refrigerator, according to the CDC.

With both short-term and long-term storage options, you can carefully plan out when you should use, thaw, and store each bottle.

3. They’re Convenient

With storing breast milk in bottles, you don’t usually have to transfer breast milk from the storage container when you need to feed your baby. You simply put the drinking nipple on once breast milk is thawed or at room temperature. Then, your baby can enjoy their milk. By storing breast milk in bottles, you don’t have to put as much work or effort when feeding time comes around.

4. They’re Portable

If you need an easy way to carry your breast milk while you’re out traveling or running errands, bottles are the way to go. Usually small and compact, they easily fit in most diaper bags or purses for portable storage. Always make sure that you carefully prepare them for on the go before you take them.

5. They’re Lightweight

Most baby bottles are small and compact, which means they’re usually not heavy to lift or carry around even when they’re full of milk. You likely won’t feel any strain as you take them out of the fridge or freezer, prepare them for your baby, or put them away in a diaper bag or purse.

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