Stair Lifts in Bloomington, MN

If the stairs in your home have become an obstacle, call Corner Home Medical for stair lifts in Bloomington, MN. We can help you keep your home comfortable,
safe, and accessible.

Improve Your Home

When you or a loved one is unable to climb up and down stairs easily, you may think that you have to purchase a home that doesn’t have them. Stair lifts, however, provide an easy way to modify your home to fit your needs, giving you a quick, safe ride both upstairs and down.

At Corner Home Medical, we offer stair lifts that fit both straight and curved staircases and are designed to take up a minimum amount of space when not in use. When you call us to order yours, we’ll gladly inspect your home to identify your accessibility needs and recommend the type of Stair lift that will be best for you.

Rely On Our Expert Services

Our products also come with warranties and future maintenance and repair services, so you can always ensure that your stair lift will work when you need it to.

If you’re ready to navigate your home much more easily, call Corner Home Medical today to ask about our stair lifts. Our number is 833-588-1106.