Stair Lifts in Eden Prairie, MN

Stairs can be a problem if you have mobility issues. Find a solution with stair lifts from Corner Home Medical; we provide them to the Eden Prairie, MN, area.

Tackle Stairs Safely

If you or a loved one can’t navigate the stairs in your home safely or conveniently, don’t resign yourself to searching for a new, single-floor home. Corner Home Medical offers a variety of chair lifts to provide safe, comfortable, and stylish transportation from one level of your home to another.

We’ll gladly inspect your home to determine your accessibility needs and recommend a stair lift that will work best for you.

Get Reliable Services

We provide warranties to cover any product defects, and we also provide repair and maintenance service to ensure that your chair lift continues to serve you well.

Call Corner Home Medical at 833-588-1106 today if you need a stair lift or any other home medical equipment. We’re always happy to help our clients improve their quality of life in their own homes, and we look forward to serving you as well.