Get a Stair Lift in Edina, MN

Mobility issues can be inconvenient, but they don’t have to prevent you from living independently in your own home, even if your home has stairs. Contact Corner Home Medical today to learn how to get a stair lift for your home in Edina, MN.

Our Stair Lifts

If you or a loved one lives in a split-level house, a stair lift can be an essential home modification. If moving up and down stairs is a challenge, the right stair lift can make the process as simple and easy as it is meant to be.

At Corner Home Medical, we offer a variety of stair lifts that can be modified to fit just about any staircase with a minimum of hassle. You can count on any of our products to deliver a quiet, smooth ride that will become a pleasant routine as you move around your home. Contact us about pricing information.

Our Installation Services

Once you’ve opted to get a stair lift, our specialists can come to your home and evaluate any accessibility concerns. We’ll determine what chair lift will work best for you. We also offer warranties and repair services, so you can ensure that your stair lift will function optimally for years.

Call us at 833-588-1106 to learn more about our medical products and services.