Power Recliners for Fargo, MN

Nothing beats relaxing in a comfortable recliner at home. But if you have mobility or strength issues, spending time in a recliner may be out of the question. Corner Home Medical wants to help. Our power recliners for Fargo, MN, give you the power to enjoy a recliner again. Browse our selection to find yours.

How Our Recliners Are Different

A standard recliner relies on strength and motion to pull the lever that allows the chair to reline. It then relies on movement to recline further. Of course, these chairs can pose a problem when you need to get out of the chair.

Our recliners solve all these problems. Our power recliners are controlled by a remote, which allows you to get the perfect level of recline with the simple press of a button. You can recline a little or a lot without expending any strength or energy.

Many of our recliners also include a seat lift feature that moves the recliner forward once it’s in a seated position to help you stand up when you’re done.

We want you to be able to enjoy the comfort a recliner offers. So we make it easier than ever for you.

Browse our recliners today to find the perfect fit, or call us at 866-535-5335 to learn more about our services and products for Fargo, MN.