How to Travel With a CPAP Machine

Travel With a Cpap Machine — Apple Valley, MN — Corner Home Medical How will a CPAP machine affect your summer travel plans? If you’re a CPAP user, take a look at the answers to some of your top travel questions. You may want to consider a travel-sized CPAP machine to make your travels easier. This lighter-weight, smaller version of the regular machine can easily fit into your bag and won’t take up a sizable amount of space.

Can You Take a CPAP Machine on a Plane?

Do your travel plans include a flight? Before packing your bags, you may need to learn more about how store your machine for travel and what security or regulatory issues you may have. If you need to fly with a CPAP machine:

  • Take the CPAP with you. It may seem easier to check your CPAP machine with your baggage. Even though this helps you to avoid potential security issues, a turbulent flight and pre/post-flight handling could damage the delicate machine.
  • Prepare to remove the machine. According to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), travelers need to remove the CPAP from its carrying case at security checkpoints. The TSA agent will X-ray the machine before you pass through security.
  • Bring a clear plastic bag. If you have hygiene or sanitation concerns, you may place the CPAP in a clear plastic bag for the X-ray.

While you won’t always need a travel letter from your doctor, this document can make it easier to quickly get through security checkpoints — especially if you plan to travel outside of the United States. Ask your doctor for a letter that includes your name, the doctor’s name and signature, the date, your diagnosis, the device’s name, and why the CPAP machine is medically necessary.

Can You Take Your CPAP Machine to a Hotel?

Do your travel plans include a hotel stay? If you need to use a CPAP nightly at home, you need to use the machine on your vacation. To make sure you have everything you need to safely use your CPAP while you’re away, create a pre-hotel check list and include:

  • Adapters for hotel room outlets. Even though most hotels in the United States will have outlets that are compatible with your CPAP, bring along an adapter to stay safe. If you travel outside the country, you’ll need special adapters to use with the machine.
  • Distilled water. If you have doubts about the tap water in the area you travel to, always bring distilled water to use in the machine. You can also buy the water when you arrive at your destination.
  • An extension cord. There’s no guarantee the hotel room will have easy to reach outlets. You may need an extension cord to use your CPAP comfortably.
  • All accessories. Double-check your bag for all extra parts. These may include the mask, hose, battery, filters, tubing, or anything else that you would typically need to use your CPAP.

Can You Take Your CPAP Machine Camping?

Do your travel plans include an outdoor adventure? If you’ll camp in a tent, RV, rustic cabin, or other outdoor space, you may need to:

  • Bring a portable power source. If your vacation includes tent camping or your cabin has no electricity, you need to bring your own portable source to power the machine.
  • Bring an adapter. Some campsites, RVs, and cabins may have outlets or electrical hookups. But these power sources may not match your machine’s needs. Bring adapters and extension cords to correctly and conveniently power the CPAP.
  • Choose a travel machine. A smaller, lighter portable CPAP machine will make your camping trip easier.
  • Bring distilled water. You may not have access to free-flowing fresh (and clean) water. Bring your own distilled water to use in your machine.

Ask the campground, RV park, or cabin rental company about electrical issues before you arrive at your destination. This can help you to plan and pack for your outdoorsy vacation.

Would you like a new or a travel sized CPAP machine? Contact Corner Home Medical for more information.