CPAP Supplies and Maintenance in Minnetonka, MN

A CPAP machine often needs extra care to serve you well. At Corner Home Medical, we provide CPAP supplies, CPAP cleaning products, and CPAP maintenance in Minnetonka, MN. 

Whatever you need for your machine to sleep soundly at night, we are here to help. As CPAP suppliers, we have every part or product you need.

What We Do


Your CPAP machine may need maintenance and repairs at some point due to general wear or accidental damage. Our CPAP techs can help you troubleshoot issues you are having. If a repair is necessary, we honor manufacturers’ warranties to handle every type of repair your machine needs, and we also replace damaged parts to leave you with a high-functioning machine.

You can also bring your machine to us for testing or cleaning services. Because even when you take good care of your machine, it will still slowly get dirty. With regular use of a CPAP cleaning machine, available to purchase, you will find that your CPAP functions almost like new. We are experienced CPAP specialists, so you can feel confident when your machine is in our hands. We even offer you a loaner rental machine while yours is away.

We also carry all the products you need for your machine and to take care of it, including CPAP cleaning wipes for your mask and sanitizing machines for your mask and machine. We are confident that our CPAP wipes and cleaning options are perfect for CPAP mask and machine cleaning to ensure optimum performance.

For all your medical equipment needs in Minnetonka, MN, like CPAP machines, power recliners, etc, call us at 866-535-5335.