Medical Devices for Sale Near Monticello, MN

Many people need medical devices to live a comfortable, functional lifestyle. If you live in Monticello, MN, and need medical devices such as chair lifts or CPAP machines, come to Corner Home Medical. We have everything you need to live a healthy, independent life.

Mobility Devices

We offer a number of devices that help individuals with different mobility limitations. Whether your mobility is limited enough to require wheelchairs, scooters, or Broda chairs, or you just need occasional assistance with the help of walkers, canes, or stair lifts, we have just what you need to move about independently with minimal human assistance.

Other Medical Devices

In addition to mobility devices, we offer a variety of medical devices to improve your life by providing greater safety, convenience, or therapeutics.

In one way or another, all of our medical devices make your life easier. However, some just help you with day-to-day activities. For example, we have devices that can help make your home a safer place if you have health and mobility limitations. These include bed rails, grab bars, bath lifts, and commodes, all of which make daily tasks easier and safer.

Finally, we have products that help you manage or overcome any health affliction you are facing, such as CPAP machines and other respiratory products, along with incontinence supplies and therapeutic devices.

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