Elevator Chair Lift in Moorhead, MN

If you own a power chair to move around, you also need to make sure you can access various levels of your home with a stair lift. Corner Home Medical can supply both in Moorhead, MN. We offer all types of home medical equipment for those who need mobility assistance.

Mobility Aid Wherever You Are

From getting around to getting upstairs, you’ll need the right product for the job. Corner Home Medical offers:

  • Motorized wheelchairs: Your motorized chair is easy to maneuver and direct, with armrests and footrests for added comfort and convenience. You can choose from the LiteRider Envy, Compass Sport, or the Alante Sport.
  • Stair Lifts: Get an elevator chair lift in your home for easy access upstairs or down. The chair is easy to use and provides support for feet and arms.

With both of these, you’ll be able to move around easily and conveniently. To ensure that our products meet your exact needs, we can evaluate your home.

Mobility Products Available for You

We know you might have a lot of questions or concerns, and we’re here to address those. Please call us at 218-359-2122 to learn more. We also invite you to learn more about our various mobility aid products.