When your child needs respiratory support, Corner Home Medical offers the latest technology and equipment available. Our team of specialists in pediatric home health care know how important it is for your child to be with his or her family in the home. We will make sure that your child continues to receive high-quality care after he or she comes home from the hospital.

We Provide Cutting-Edge Technology

At Corner Home Medical, we provide the latest portable and stationary technology in ventilators, oxygen, suctioning, and monitoring equipment for children’s use in the home or out in their community. We work directly with your physician to find the right equipment to fulfill your child’s respiratory needs.

If your child requires home ventilation therapy, our team will start the discharge process by performing an initial assessment at the hospital, allowing you and your child the opportunity to become familiar with Corner Home Medical and our staff. Your designated primary Respiratory Therapist will then provide a home assessment, insuring everything required is in place, prior to your child’s discharge home. Our staff will help you understand how to use and maintain your child’s respiratory equipment. A respiratory therapist will teach you and your child’s caregivers how to use the various features of each piece of equipment, and they will show you how to troubleshoot any possible issues when they occur.

Rely on Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

With a staff of dedicated pediatric respiratory therapists, coordinators, nurses, and dieticians, we can help you develop a pediatric home service program. Our team will work closely with the hospital staff and your physician to ensure your child has a smooth transition from the hospital to your home. Routine follow-ups are performed to insure all your equipment is performing as required.

Contact Corner Home Medical Today

Let our specialists find the correct pediatric medical supplies for your child’s respiratory care needs. They can also schedule a visit for you with one of our respiratory therapists. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, and throughout Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa, call us today at 877-811-2995. We also have several locations all across Minnesota.

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