Your CPAP machine is a vital instrument in your home. But it needs the right care to function properly. At Corner Home Medical, we make sure you have what you need to sleep peacefully at night. We carry CPAP machines and provide CPAP maintenance for everyone in Plymouth, MN.

Since 2003, we have helped you get the service you need for your CPAP machine.

The Importance of Our Services

We know how important your CPAP machine is, and that’s why we want to make sure it stays in good condition. CPAP machines can wear out or be damaged in a home. Even regular use can cause the mask or tubes to get dirty. We offer products, such as CPAP wipes and CPAP sanitizing machines to keep your machine clean and operating at its best.
We honor manufacturers warranties to handle all the necessary repairs and maintenance your machine needs. And while it’s away being serviced, we offer you rental loaner machine and bill it to your insurance provider so you can sleep soundly. Our maintenance and repairs also come with a labor warranty to ensure you don’t have any more problems.
If you need a new CPAP machine or replacement parts, we can help you find the right product for your needs, with a warranty to make sure it lasts.

So call us today at 866-535-5335 to learn more about our maintenance services for Plymouth, MN, or look at our CPAP machines and parts online.