Broda Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair

The Synthesis Tilt Recliner builds upon Broda’s legacy of comfort and reliability to provide the fullest range of positioning features in a more progressive design. New aesthetic and styling options suit a variety of preferences and fit the facilities of today and tomorrow.

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Featuring up to 40° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt and up to 90° of infinitely adjustable back recline, as well as Trendelenburg positioning, the Synthesis provides safe and comfortable positioning without the use of restraints. Front pivot seat tilt helps maintain a forward line of sight, enhancing socialization and engagement.

New adjustable wings provide individualized upper lateral support. Broda’s unique Comfort Tension Seating system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support.

Offering outstanding benefits for both patients and caregivers:

  • Improved posture, oxygenation, feeding, and overall comfort.
  • Fall prevention and safe patient handling.
  • Accommodating hyperextension.
  • Changing incontinence products without transferring from the chair.
  • Decreasing patient fatigue and postural deviations, reducing the use of restraints.

Designed for acute care and hospital settings the ACC Padding Package combines enhanced infection control features with industry-leading functionality, making it the unrivaled solution for your next clinical application.

The ACC Padding Package allows patients to be safely transported throughout the facility. Facilitates ease of transfers, accommodating safe patient handling and no-lift programs. The package provides enhanced infection control with fully wrapped seat, back and legrest covers.

ACC Padding Package includes:

  • In Accent Color: Headrest cushion, Shoulder Bolsters, Upper Side Pads, Lower Side Pads, Sole Pads
  • In Black Vinyl: Seat and Back Pad with Vinyl Covers (White or Grey Terry Optional), Calf Pad


Comfort Tension Seating®

Broda’s proprietary Comfort Tension Seating® conforms to the body, providing enhanced pressure redistribution and long-term seating comfort. Each strap conforms individually to the patients’ body, thus suspending the weight of the patient across multiple points. Comfort Tension Seating® works in conjunction with tilt-in-space seating system to provide therapeutic pressure relief, enhance postural support and maintain skin integrity.

The seating base used in this system is a heavy gauge polyvinyl chloride strapping installed under tension and riveted to the seating frame of the chair. With memory retention, the straps return to their original shape within seconds providing consistent seating comfort and pressure redistribution.



Broda’s special seat strapping allows air circulation to help reduce heat and moisture build-up. The straps adjust to the size and weight of the individual, providing individualized fit and superior comfort. The system evenly distributes patient weight across multiple points, improving oxygenation and blood flow aiding in the maintenance of skin integrity

Long-Term Durability

The strapping used in Comfort Tension Seating® is manufactured exclusively for Broda and will retain its firmness and resiliency over an extended period. The straps are fungicide and ultraviolet protected for enhanced durability and extended lifetime.

Easy Maintenance

The straps are easy to clean off, and the chair is easily disinfected with a towel soaked in hot water and detergent. Damage to the seating surface of traditional Geri-chairs requires the purchase of expensive cushioning or whole new chairs. On Broda chairs, individual straps that are damaged can be cut and replaced on-site without taking the chair out of service for more than a few minutes.



Skin Breakdown & Decreased Skin Integrity

  • Facilitates position changes associated with pressure relief for individuals with limited range of motion
  • Provides a change in position for those who cannot independently shift their weight
  • Tilting the seating surface allows for repositioning which moves the weight and pressure away from the critical areas under the pelvis
  • Proper repositioning improves blood flow, oxygenation, and retention of the skin tissue which is vital for maintaining skin integrity



Decreased Postural Control & Decreased Head/Neck Control

  • Posterior tilt can reduce the effects of gravity on the trunk and upper body, which provides a more functional and proper upright posture
  • Facilitates more practical use of the upper extremities
  • Facilitates safe, effective positioning of the patient following transfer allowing adjustment of posture from the tilted position
  • Eliminates shear displacement (sliding out of place) during position changes
  • Posterior tilt efficiently opens the diaphragm allowing for more significant expansion of the lungs resulting in improved oxygenation, blood flow, and organ function
  • Facilitates positioning for comfort, pain management and/or pain relief



Function Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living

  • Proper positioning and weight distribution increases sitting tolerance throughout the day
  • Positioning the patient in an activity ready position improving the patient’s ability to socialize and engage with their surroundings
  • Increase endurance for completion of activities of daily living by placing the patient in an action ready position
  • Provides proper seating alignment decreasing patient fatigue and postural deviations
  • Posterior tilt enhances visual orientation, speech, alertness, and arousal



Respiratory Digestive Physiological

  • Obtaining adequate posture through the use of tilt allows for improved function of the respiratory system
  • Posterior tilt facilitates proper digestion and decreases the risk of aspiration and other complications of the GI Tract
  • Improves physiological processes such as orthostatic hypotension, respiration, and bowel and bladder function
  • Manages symptoms related to *edema (swelling) of the extremities



  • Aids in the completion of activities of daily living; feeding, bathing, and toileting needs
  • Allows for frequent repositioning of individuals throughout the day
  • Improved seating comfort allows for fewer transfers during the day


Common Accessories

  • Accessory Bag (Custom Embroidery Optional)
  • Additional Positioning Padding (APP) package
  • Huntington’s Special Padding (HSP) package
  • Acute Care Configuration (ACC) package
  • Tray
  • Half Tray
  • Thigh Belt
  • O2 Holder
  • Long Armrests
  • ABS Footrest
  • IV Pole
  • Depth Adjustable Armrests

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Additional information

Seat Width

18", 20", 24", Oversized 22", 18" w/500 Kit, 20" w/500 Kit, 24" w/500 Kit, Oversized 22" w/500 Kit