Contour 10-In-One FLIP Pillow

Do you prop multiple pillows up at night to sleep? Our Flip Pillow is 10 pillows in One! The unique shape offers the benefits of a wedge with the comfort of a pillow. Its gentle, cradling comfort and support flips into 10 different positions to help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed from your head to your toes.

Use as a wedge to gently elevate the upper torso or the lower extremities. Support is offered where you need it – upper body, lower back, knees and legs. It’s the perfect pillow for everyone whether you prefer sleeping on your back, stomach or side!




The revolutionary 10-in-1 Flip Pillow™ from Contour is not just an ordinary pillow!

The pillow seamlessly flips from an upright position to one more suitable for sleeping, making it easy to shift from relaxing to resting positions. The Flip Pillow is an excellent solution for stomach sleepers, as the small lobe tucks nicely beneath the torso, keeping the spine in a neutral position. Use two in combination to double your comfort! Accessory covers for add on sale generate incremental revenue and are  available in four classic colors: Beige, White, Green & Navy.

Features and Benefits:

• Offering the comfort of a pillow with the support of a wedge
• Unique “FLIP Design” allows for total comfort and support for your upper body and legs
• Helps to align your neck shoulders and lumbar region when used as a back support cushion
• Versatile comfort and support day and night
• Machine washable, custom fit pillow cases are available in three classic colors: Beige, Green, & Navy – order separately
• Overall Dimensions: 19″ W x 9″ D x 25″ H