ResMed AirFit F20™ For Her Full Face Mask

AirFitTM F20 for Her

Designed for simplicity

Designed to fit every face with ease, AirFit F20 combines innovative cushion design with easy-to-use features to deliver an outstanding experience for her.

A valid prescription is required to purchase this product.

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AirFit F20 for Her

We’re committed to providing the most personalized mask experience possible. That’s why we proudly offer for Her versions of our AirFit F20 mask, featuring stylish lavender accents and a smaller size range.

InfinitySeal cushion technology

The AirFit F20 features an InfinitySeal™ cushion – the most adaptive we’ve ever designed – along with a soft and flexible frame that includes integrated padding. The result is a mask that comfortably moves with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the
night, regardless of sleep position.

Designed for simplicity

The AirFit F20 is designed to fit your lifestyle – featuring magnetic clips, a quick-release elbow and a simple design that make it fast and easy to put on as well as clean and reassemble.

  • Comfortably moves with you throughout the night, regardless of sleep position
  • Features a plush headgear and soft, flexible frame for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for those who breathe through their nose during sleep


ResMed CPAP masks require a prescription from a doctor licensed to practice medicine in the US.

ResMed products can only be sold directly to patients within the United States and not to other third parties or businesses.

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