Savaria Home Elevators

Clearly modern.
Framed glass automatic slim doors on the cab and landing open into a glass cab with your choice of unfinished veneer or melamine COP wall. Upgraded finishes and a touchpad phone complete the look.

Your Savaria home elevator is built with care using reliable components to provide you with dependable performance, and to meet or exceed the strictest elevator, electrical, mechanical and building safety guidelines.

Behind the beautiful exterior is one of the smartest brains around; the microprocessor-driven controller is demonstrably reliable and designed for up to 6 stops.

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Choose from three feature-packed models with options to suit virtually any configuration: the Zenith, Infinity or Eclipse.

Savaria Zenith
finest ride quality;
whisper-quiet operation
The Zenith is Savaria’s top-of-the-line traditional home elevator. Based on our commercial-grade Orion MRL elevator, the robust Zenith features a unique geared traction counterweight design and high 1,400 lb capacity. Requiring only a small space in a closet for components, the elevator can be installed without a traditional machine room.

Savaria Infinity
smooth-riding traditional hydraulic drive
The Infinity’s precision hydraulic drive system is dependable and compatible with the use of LEED-qualified Hydro Safe hydraulic vegetable oil. This design houses drive components in a machine room that can be located where best suited in your home. Available with capacity up to 1,000 lb, or choose the Infinity HD version for 1,400 lb capacity or larger cab size.

Savaria Eclipse
best-seller with machine roomless option
The Eclipse is Savaria’s most popular home elevator, and a cost-effective choice. The durable geared chain drive design installs quickly, provides a stable ride and does not require a separate machine room. An environmentally-friendly counterweight system reduces motor effort – and therefore power consumption. An Eclipse HD version is available with a 950 lb capacity and cab up to 48″ wide.

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