Tidy Top Adult Bib

TidyTop is a dignified dining accessory designed for seniors and challenged diners, but used by all. Dining, ArtProjects, Cooking, Children, Eating or Coffee in the car….





Reversible  2 TidyTops for price of 1. Reverse side is color coordinated solid in same outstanding fabric. One Size Fits All
​Stain and Water Proof   FABRIC makes TidyTop unique. Soft, lightweight and elegant, it repels stains and easily wipes off.
Pockets  1 pocket on each side to carry items to meals: glasses, tissue, cell phone, pen.
Durable Wash   Handles Commercial Washings. Will not run or shrink. 365 Guaranteed Washes!
Tote Bag   Comes with FREE matching TOTE- BAG. Perfect for storage in purse, wheelchair or glove compartment.

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Black-White Rose, Blue Plaid, Green Plaid, Hearts, Leopard, Camo