Mechanical Ventilation for St. Paul, MN

In some situations, devastating injuries, abnormalities at birth, or acute illness might cause your loved one to have difficulty breathing. The hospital offers mechanical ventilation during a patient’s stay in the ICU, but if your loved one is ready to come home, you need other options for ventilator care.

At Corner Home Medical, we provide mechanical ventilation to help St. Paul, MN, Minneapolis, MN and throughout Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa patients breathe in the comfort of their own home. Let us provide you with the education, equipment, and assistance you need to help your family member breathe at home.

Who Requires Mechanical Ventilators?

Most frequently, people who need mechanical ventilation have recently suffered from an acute illness that interfered with their breathing. While they might no longer need emergency care, they are still unable to breathe on their own. In this case, they need long-term ventilation to assist with their breathing.

In other cases, patients might have neuromuscular disorders or spinal cord injuries that prevent them from breathing on their own.

No matter the situation, Corner Home Medical offers home ventilators that will help your loved one stay safe and healthy in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, and throughout Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa.

How Can Corner Medical Help?

At Corner Home Medical, we walk you through the home ventilation process so you feel properly prepared to take care of your loved one at home. Our clinical staff will work with you to set up an individualized ventilator program that caters to the patient’s unique needs.

We also train caregivers and family members on proper ventilation procedures, including how to maintain, clean, use, and troubleshoot the ventilator. We won’t leave you on your own, either. Instead, we set up home-visit schedules where we verify that equipment works correctly and provide needed supplies.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about dealing with insurance—let our business office check with your insurance provider to verify your family’s coverage.

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