Understanding Your Oxygen Options

Oxygen Backup - Apple Valley, MN - Corner Home Medical If you’ve been discharged from the hospital on portable oxygen, you need to find solutions to meet your oxygen needs. You’ll need to learn if you need a stationary or portable unit. Also, what is the flow rate you need? How much weight will you be able to lift or carry? How many hours per day will you have to wear your oxygen, and can you easily travel with the unit? Use these questions to choose the best option for you. Here is a brief overview of a few oxygen options that are available.

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

Stationary concentrators take in standard room air and filter out everything but the oxygen. These units run off electricity, and as long as the concentrator is operating correctly, you do not have to worry about running out of oxygen. You have an endless supply.

Concentrators are very easy to use and are available in both continuous and pulse-based units. Unlike continuous flow units, pulse-based concentrators will only dispense oxygen when you take a breath and then pause as you exhale.

Because stationary concentrators do not move, they work best in the house. A long hose attached to your mask or nasal cannula will allow you to move from room to room when you are home.
Homefill oxygen systems are also available. These homefill systems allow you to fill your own cylinders from your concentrator for portability. Patients can enjoy their freedom and independence with an unlimited supply of ambulatory oxygen.

Stationary oxygen concentrators also require regular maintenance. A service person must verify that the oxygen levels the concentrators are delivering are within the required specifications. The units also have internal and external filters that need changing, and the unit’s humidifier needs regular cleaning.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable concentrators are a combination of oxygen tanks and stationary concentrators. Portable concentrators are small, compact units that run off an installed battery or when plugged into a power outlet.

Because portable concentrators manufacture their air just like stationary concentrators, you do not have to worry about running out of oxygen. You also do not have to take multiple tanks into the community with you to ensure you have enough air.

Because the units are small, they are easy to transport when you travel outside of your home. Unlike traditional oxygen tanks that contain compressed air that is not allowed on planes for fear of them exploding, portable concentrators are FAA-compliant and permitted.

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