6 Types of Medical Equipment to Assist Seniors in the Home

Many seniors are at a risk for slip and fall accidents in the home, or simply have difficulty remaining mobile. Assistive devices or aids may prevent accidents or make performing everyday tasks a little easier. Bathroom shower grab bars, transfer benches and raised toilet seats are a few aids that may help in the bathroom.

A bed assist rail may be helpful for the bedroom, and a grabbing tool may help you grab items that are hard to reach. Consider the following types of medical equipment and devices to help you in the home.

  1. Bathroom Shower Grab Bar

According to the National Institute on Aging, 80 percent of falls to seniors each year occur in the bathroom. The shower or bathtub can be slippery, even when using a protective anti-slip floor mat. A grab bar for the shower or bathtub is a safety device that should be installed in every senior’s home. You may find one of these at your favorite medical supplies and equipment stores.

A bathtub or shower grab bar is basically a sturdy handle with suction cups attached. The handle will adhere easily to most any shower or bathtub wall. Getting in or out of the tub may be easier and safer when grabbing onto the bar. While you may find these in a durable plastic material, they are also available in aluminum or stainless steel, made to complement most any bathroom decor.

It is a good idea to look for a grab bar that can support several hundred pounds of pull force.

  1. Bathtub Transfer Bench

As the name suggests, a transfer bench for the bathtub is intended to assist an individual getting into and out of the bathtub. Some transfer benches include a comfortable backrest. Most transfer benches will have an adjustable height feature as well. You’ll find these benches in molded plastic, resin, or metal.

For more options, some transfer benches include a swivel seat. Pivoting arms may also be available. Some bathtub transfer benches also include a comfortable padded seat.

  1. Toilet Seat Riser

For seniors who find it difficult to rise from the toilet seat, a toilet seat riser is a smart safety aid. Also known as an elevated or raised toilet seat, this device simply attaches to any ordinary toilet seat to provide additional height as needed. It may be hinged and offers additional height of a few inches. Most offer tool-free installation.

The elevated toilet seat may be raised to a vertical position. This makes it easy to clean. Be sure to check for weight support, although many are made to support up to several hundred pounds.

  1. Bed Assist Rail

A rail for the bed can be a helpful safety device. It makes it easy for seniors to safety enter or exit the bed. Most come with adjustable handles.

The bed assist rail not only helps to prevent falls when getting in and out of bed, but it is also helpful for those recovering after surgery or individuals with back problems.

  1. Reaching Assist Tool

This is a handy device for seniors who find it difficult reaching for household items above their head or in tight spaces. These tools have an elongated or telescopic handle with rotating grip. Use it for picking up trash or reaching high into a cabinet. Most can pick up items weighing a few pounds.

  1. Walkers and Rollators

Many seniors become unsteady as they age and struggle to keep their balance. Make walking easier and safer by using a walker or a rollator.

These devices are very similar, but they have a crucial difference: a walker doesn’t have wheels, so it needs to be picked up slightly while the user walks. A rollator has wheels, brakes, and often a seat for the user to rest in when they get tired.

Either of these devices is a great way for seniors to avoid falls and get around quickly.

Other safety supplies are available to assist seniors, so if you or a loved one has special needs, speak to your medical equipment supply representative today and have your questions answered. Live safely and comfortably in your home with the help of the above-mentioned products.