Choose the Right Dressing Aids for The Elderly

If you have an aging loved one, they may need extra help getting dressed or undressed. You hope they remain as independent as possible, but they may have a health problem, like arthritis, making it difficult to dress themselves. Dressing aids are devices specifically designed to make this task easier.

What types of Dressing Aids Work Best?

When looking for dressing aids, select items that have:

  • Long handles to prevent excess stooping and bending
  • Rounded handles prevent injury to the soft tissues of the hands and fingers
  • Thick handles to prevent pain and aches in the hands and fingers

What types of Dressing Aids Are Available?

The following are examples of dressing aids available:

  • Dressing stick. This long stick has a curved top to help a person push and pull their clothing into place. This is helpful in putting on shirts and jackets, since the stick eliminates the need to reach far around the body.
  • Stocking donner. This dressing aid is great for those who struggle to reach their feet to grasp thin compression hosiery.
  • Shoe horn. To put on or take off a shoe, a person must be able to bend down and grasp the shoe firmly. People with limited hand function and back problems often find these helpful.
  • Sock aid. If bending over to put on socks is difficult, a sock aid may help. Many of these can also be used with one hand, if necessary.
  • Zipper or button puller. These devices are great for people who struggle to manipulate small objects. You can often find dressing aids that combine both of these functions, eliminating the need to buy two dressing aids.

What If You Need Help?

If you’re not sure which dressing aids are the most helpful, a doctor, occupational therapist, or supplier may be able to help. Reach out to them. Please be aware, you may be asked the following about your loved one:

  • Past and current health state
  • Physical limitations
  • Age and sex

To learn more about obtaining dressing aids, contact our customer service department or visit one of our Corner Home Medical retail stores today.