Aids and Tools for Daily Living - Self - Sufficiency Supplies

    At Corner Home Medical, we understand the value of maintaining your independence. We provide home medical equipment in Minnesota to make it easier to stay self-sufficient and healthy.

    We provide the following products to make everyday tasks easier to complete:

    Shoehorn: This tool slips into the back of your shoe, which then gives your foot an easy way to slide right into it.
    Reacher: Reachers are essentially a pole with a clamping jaw on one end and a trigger on the other. These tools allow you to grab those hard-to-reach items. We offer several sizes.
    Trash stick: This is a simple pole with a handle on one end, and a pointy end to collect trash and easily place it into a garbage receptacle.
    Sock aid: Simply slip a sock over this device, grab the foam handles and drop the sock onto the floor. Slide your foot into the sock opening and pull on the handles to adjust the sock.
    Long-handled bath sponge: These sponges are used to allow a bather to reach their feet, back, and all of those other hard to reach places.
    Hip Kit: This helpful kit is great for anyone with weak hips or a recent hip replacement surgery. It includes a reacher, sock aid, bendable sponge, and shoehorn.
    Button/Zipper puller: This device can be used to help button and zip your pants.
    Expandable door hinge: An expandable hinge lets doors open wider, which grants greater access to wheelchairs.
    Transfer board: This board allows for easier transfer from a bed, chair, wheelchair, or commode.
    Leg lifter: A lifter has loops for the wrist and foot to make it easier to lift legs when transferring to a wheelchair.
    Doorknob extender set: This attaches to a doorknob and makes it easier to grip and turn the knob.

    We strive to provide you with the best home medical supplies in Minnesota. It is our goal to help you keep your independence with our product. Browse the product selection below, visit one of our retail locations, or call us at 866.535.5335 to order what you need.