Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue FF w/ Headgear

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The New ComfortGel Blue is filled with many enhancements that minimize pressure points, reduce noise, and redirect airflow.

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ComfortGel Blue Features

The ComfortGel Blue shares technology from CPAP masks such as the new ComfortGel Full face and the new Easy Life Nasal CPAP mask. The new blue gel and premium soft box style forehead pad help to maintain the same great comfortable feel. The angled and smaller exhalation ports were released on the EasyLife Nasal Mask effectively reducing overall airflow noise. If you are using PR System One CPAP Machine, you will be able take advantage of the built-in System One Resistance Control technology.

The ComfortGel Blue uses the same proven frame design of the original ComfortGel and new Blue Cushions and Original Gel Cushions can be interchanged.

Improved Gel Cushion Technology The ComfortGel Blue continues to use the reliable dual, gel cushion and silicone comfort flap system. Respironics’ improved ComfortGel material is now softer and conforms to your face better.

Premium Forehead Pad The ComfortGel forehead pad is larger and provides greater cushioning. This allows for an easy to fit and improves comfort. The forehead support now utilizes a StabilitySelector, which is easily adjustable for just the right angle.

Improved Exhalation Ports Respironics new diffuser vent and 360 degree elbow disperse the vented air more softly than previous models; this makes the vent much quieter. The elbow angles the ports away from your bed partner so you can both sleep well.

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A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.


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