ResMed Swift™ LT Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask w/ Headgear


ResMed Swift™ LT Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask w/ Headgear


The ResMed Swift LT Nasal Pillows is lightweight, whisper quiet and easy to wear.

A valid prescription is required to purchase this product.

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The Swift LT has a dual-wall pillows design that sits on a patented rotating barrel that can be adjusted to fit various wear angles. The dual-wall pillows attach to a flexible base which allows both side and front movement without disrupting the seal.

By reducing the volume of air entering the nose ResMed was able to reduce the symptoms of nasal dryness. The outer portion of the dual-wall pillow inflates with air to aid the inner seal in maintaining a soft stable fit.

The Swift LT is feather light at only 2.3oz (67 grams). It’s about half the size of the Mirage Swift II and 71% quieter. The tubing can be worn on either side of the face or over the head.  All 3 cushion sizes are included to make fitting a snap!

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ResMed products can only be sold directly to patients within the United States and not to other third parties or businesses. ResMed CPAP masks require a prescription from a doctor licensed to practice medicine in the US.


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