CPAP PureSom Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap

PureSom chinstraps are made with Breathe-O-Prene®, a breathable material that allows air to flow, keeping you cool and comfortable.





This chinstrap is crafted with Breathe-O-Prene and features premium velcro.  You can adjust your fit for maximum comfort.

Comfortable Chin Strap for Secure Mouth during CPAP Therapy

The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap is made up of a comfortable neoprene material that will hold your mouth and chin in place during CPAP therapy, reducing airflow leaks out of the mouth. The sleep apnea chin strap is adjustable at two different spots so that the user can have a customizable fit that is both comfortable and effective.

Two different sizes

The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap is available in standard and extra-large, giving the user multiple options for different head sizes and types.

Velcro Adjustments

Velcro makes adjusting the sleep apnea chin strap hassle free while also reducing pressure on the face, resulting in a more comfortable night’s sleep during CPAP therapy. This allows the sleep apnea chin strap to have a customizable fit that will reduce or completely eliminate airflow leaks out of the mouth during the night.

Key Features

  • Three point design – Ensures that you have correctly aligned your PureSom chin strap while supporting the chin with the least amount of discomfort possible
  • Two different sizes – Available in standard and extra large to provide versatility
  • Two different adjustment points – At the crown of the head and base of the neck for a custom fit every time

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