Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Has your doctor recommended a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) for your COPD or other medical condition? If you haven’t ever used a POC before, you may need help knowing how they work and how to choose the right model for your needs.

    Because Corner Home Medical is one of the top respiratory companies in Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN, our oxygen concentrators are just what the doctor ordered. Plus, it’s easy and safe to place your order online.

    How Oxygen Concentrators Benefit You

    POCs operate by converting ambient air into concentrated oxygen. When you inhale this concentrated oxygen flow, it increases the oxygen in your blood, relieving the symptoms you experience from your medical condition.

    Your doctor will help you understand your daily oxygen requirements. Once you know these needs, you can choose the right model. For example, some patients require a high-flow unit that works with other respiratory accessories like a medication nebulizer or a venturi mask.

    Regardless of your needs, Corner Home Medical has an oxygen concentrator to match them. Get further product information by clicking on the product name at the bottom of each photo below.

    Convenient Delivery or Pick Up

    Need your POC delivered? We pick up and deliver within a 60 mile radius of our 11 retail locations, provide 24-hour emergency service, and repair any defective products covered by warranty. If your concentrator is out for repair, we also provide a loaner unit.

    At Corner Home Medical, we’re even more convenient than your neighborhood drug store, with a greater supply of what you need most. We’re proud of our quality oxygen concentrators for Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN patients.

    As always, if you need further assistance, contact us toll free at 866-535-5335. Order today for prompt delivery!